April 15, 2019

Loans Online: What You Should Know

Online loans are an option offered by new companies. With them you can request financial assistance through an Internet platform without having to deal with bank contracts or bureaucracy.

This possibility supposes great advantages to fight against the routine problems that can be caused due to accidents. They also provide security and stability to make an important decision, such as starting a new business or take advantage of an opportunity at an appropriate time.

Due to the boom and the importance that they have in the current world, it is important to know more about the uses of this type of credits. Therefore, in the following article we will talk about how they work, what they can be used for and what are the advantages they offer.

What are these online loans?

What are these online loans?

These are small amounts of money made by companies that we can call “lenders”. They do so through an online platform, where they must be returned in the stipulated periods with their variable interests.

We speak of a slight help that, although it includes the interests, these do not shoot at a great speed as it happens with those requested in banking entities.

In addition, you can make use of these loans that are considered personalized without having to deal with guarantors in between. You just have to do accounts to think about how to return them.

Another favorable thing is that to be able to request them you do not need to fill out a large amount of documents or they will ask you for requirements that you may not be able to fulfill. The main idea of ​​this initiative is to be able to help the loan applicant as much as possible.

When is it recommended to request a loan of this type?

When is it recommended to request a loan of this type?

When we speak of small quantities, specifically those between 300 and 1000 euros. Perhaps depending on the company with which you request these variants may change. However, they will always be around those mentioned.

Many times, although one has a great control over household expenses and knows which are the budgets with which they will manage in their daily lives, exceptional situations can be found that could jeopardize the family’s economic stability. There may also be opportunities that must be acquired in a short time, causing an unexpected expense.

What do we mean? For example, accidents happen and they are not controllable. You can have a hit with the car, a vitally important appliance as the fridge can break and even at a given moment, a person could suddenly lose their job.

There could also be other situations such as a travel offer for family members, the possibility of getting Christmas gift rebates months before December, the opportunity to invest in a new business, etc.

It is very important to know that bills often arrive that can not be paid at the moment due to the personal reasons of each one. However, if you wait longer these bills may increase. Also if the issue of fixing or not fixing an appliance or a problem in the electrical installation is extended, everything could get worse.

Therefore, in this type of questions do not delay too much. Knowing that you have this help, you can face these expenses without practically anything. You will save on welfare and health.

Another use that can be given to these loans online is to leave the Financial Credit Institutions, which often is not taken into account but is important.

Can I apply for a loan while at Financial Credit Institutions?

Some of these lenders offer this advantage to help you get out of the lists of defaulters of the Financial Credit Institutions or any other, regardless of the company that is.

This will be the case whenever you confirm that you have a regular income or a way to repay the loan, it does not matter if you are in this situation or not. Moreover, it is very positive that you consider the possibility of using this type of services to help you and not end up in judicial terms.

If the latter is the situation you are in, remember to have a loan company that offers this option.

What do you need to apply for an online credit?

What do you need to apply for an online credit?

The requirements will rarely vary from one company to another. The only thing that could change is the increase in the minimum age required to apply, but being of legal age in most businesses is worth it.

As we have said before, it does not matter if you are in Financial Credit Institutions or not, so this is not a requirement to apply for a loan of this nature. It is also important to remember that no guarantor is needed to apply for these credits.

The necessary and fundamental requirements are the following:

To be of legal age

If you want to apply for a credit of this type you have to be between 18 and 65 years old in most cases. As mentioned above, it is likely that some other lender company has raised the minimum age.

Have an updated legal document

Whether you were born in Spain or not, you must have an updated legal document that shows that you are a resident of this country. It does not matter if it is a DNI, passport or residence permit. Your place of origin does not matter as long as you live within the national territory.

Have a bank account

It is important that you have a regular bank account to be able to make the deposit of the requested money.

Regular income

It does not matter if you are unemployed, you are a student or a worker. However, you have to show that you have a regular income, whether or not from a bank payroll, that certify that you are solvent and can perform this process to pay later.

Personal information

You will have to fill out an application where you will confirm a name, an email and a telephone number with which the company in charge of the loan can contact you after completing the procedures.

In addition, in a matter of minutes (then, depending on the bank this can be extended up to 48 hours) you will receive an SMS when everything is confirmed and accepted.


Normally, because small amounts of money are offered, the repayment terms are not very long in time. The maximum time you can select is six weeks.

This is a great advantage because you will not have to carry a loan and with large amounts of interest for years as often happens with those that are requested from banks.

Main advantages they have compared to the loans of banks

When a person goes to request a loan from a bank, he finds himself with the following situation:

  • Long lines just to ask for information.
  • Bureaucratic procedures that must be read carefully creating a slow process.
  • The obligation to have a guarantor or payroll.
  • The commitment to have to ask for money and have to return it for a long time, with large interests that could be a long-term problem.

While, if you use online loans, you will get other different results such as:

  • The possibility of doing it from your home: you will have the dosed information at hand. You will have time to think about what exactly you want and how much money you want to ask for.
  • You will have to fill in just one form with your personal data.
  • You do not need a guarantor or have to be working.
  • It’s about small amounts of money and little time to return it, so you will not see yourself in a big commitment that extends more than you can afford.

Do not be afraid to ask for help

Do not be afraid to ask for help

As we mentioned before, there are times when you decide to leave things for the last moment, not fix a problem that you are having because “it is not alarming for now” and excuses of that style.

What’s wrong with this? That when you leave any economic issue parked in time, things tend to tense and end up affecting the family or personal welfare of an individual.

For this reason there are these credits, to avoid this type of situation and the consequences that end up deriving from them.

When we lengthen these questions over time, this generates stress and anxiety in oneself to a greater or lesser extent. It is not worth risking health and well-being because of problems that do have a solution.

The lender companies know what these situations generate and how common they can be. Therefore, they have been creating different types of loans that can be customized and adapted to your needs without major problems.

Find out about all the possibilities offered by Astro Finance. Request information without worries and without commitment. You will see how you get everything you need in a matter of minutes, understandably and most importantly, without noticing stress during the process.

That’s why, to this day, online loans are booming and highly sought after. They suppose a great advantage with respect to the banks and that is noticeable.