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By Binta Jaiteh

An international music school has been launched at Brusubi Phase 1, which aims to support and promote music education for talented musicians and artists.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Gambia Music Union President Momodou Sarr said the school will help improve quality music education in this country.

“Over the years we have seen many music institutes go into setting up a music school, but at the end of the day the issue is always one of sustainability. This music school is not only international but national and is important. Because the connections you can have with all levels of institutions around the world will add value to what we already have here, ”he said.

“In this country we have a problem with instrument players, you can see that it is the same cycle of musicians that will continue to play in every artist performance. We have to change this scope as far as this school is concerned, it should be able to provide us with the opportunity to have as many instrumentalists as possible, ”he said.

More so, “We have to have a variety of people who like to play instruments, we also have issues with sound engineering. All the features mentioned are a problem in this country, and if we are to develop our music, the qualities should be available in the music industry, ”he added.

Marco Link, CEO of IMS, said the school aims to provide quality education and also has experienced teachers from all over the world like Ghana, Nigeria and Europe.

“We believe that the development of quality education in the education system is based on the commitment of quality members, while the administration needs full resources and bright candidates,” he said.

According to the CEO, their goal is to make their professional students competent and successful as a hands-on lesson strategy, claiming that upon arriving in The Gambia he still saw great talent in Gambian artists and they wanted to take this opportunity to that Gambian artists allow them to face the international.

Hassoum Ceesay, chief executive of National Arts and Culture, said the project would help fill a big gap in the music industry.

“I urge anyone interested in music to come and register early. We know there is a lot of tendency to learn it, but it is always there to strengthen you if you take formal training, ”he said.

He also assured interested talented people of government support as scholarships will be available. He revealed that Gambian artists are doing very well individually and collectively.

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