Diane Mitchell School of Music Wins Prestigious Award


A SUCCESSFUL music school found the right mark with the competition judges after winning a prestigious award.

The Diane Mitchell Music School, which runs classes at Paisley and Barrhead, was named Music School of the Year at the annual Scotland Prestige Awards.

Founded in 2015, it offers private lessons and group lessons to people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Diane Mitchell, founder and director of the music school, said she was “delighted” to receive the award in Edinburgh on behalf of the company.

She added: “I was shocked when I found out we had won because we struggled so hard during the lockdown period.

“We were really worried during the second foreclosure that we were going to have to close permanently due to lack of financial assistance.

“We were saved by the discretionary board fund that we finally got. It was such a difficult time, but this award was such a boost.

“It’s also a big boost for the staff, who have worked really hard to keep us alive.”

Before founding the music school, Diane worked as a teacher in Glasgow and specialized in the piano.

The music school has more than 20 independent teachers, who train students to play a variety of instruments, including drums, violin, and saxophone.

In addition to offering one-to-one music lessons, the company also offers a variety of group lessons designed for children of different age groups.

Diane, 59, said: “I have always had a great passion for music and saw the positive impact on children when I taught it in schools.

“It was my dream to open my own music school and since then it has only grown.”

To learn more, visit www.dianemitchellmusicschool.co.uk.

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