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A music school has received a building permit to take over the former offices of the Argus newspaper in Brighton.

Dolphin House in Brighton

The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) has obtained permission to “change use” for Dolphin House, Manchester Street.

The building, which faces the Latest Music Bar, also housed the EC language school.

The request received unanimous support from the Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee at Hove Town Hall this afternoon (Wednesday 1 September).

Independent advisor Tony Janio was among those concerned about noise, while others worried about the impact on traffic and travel of around 1,000 students per week.

The higher education institution, which offers diplomas, diplomas and postgraduate courses specializing in music, would have no more than 200 students inside per day. The start and end times would be staggered, they told advisers.

BIMM planning consultant Ken Parke said all teaching rooms would be soundproofed and the building would also be used as offices and library as well as for music lessons.

Conservative advisor Carol Theobald said there was no point of “descent” although some students would have large instruments like a double bass.

A transportation plan is required as one of the planning conditions.

Councilor Theobald said: “It has been out of use for some time. It’s a great use of the building as long as it’s not too noisy for the neighbors.

Union adviser Daniel Yates said, “I know BIMM has been a bit scattered around the city in recent years and it’s good to see them bringing things together in a more central point.

“It will be a sad loss for Moulsecoomb, who has had a BIMM presence for some time. All in all, this is a wise app and it seeks to use the existing space which is unlikely to be used as a language school in the near future.

BIMM is the largest music institute in Europe, with eight colleges in Great Britain, Ireland and Germany.

It opened in its first center in Brighton in 2001 – as the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.

After opening his college in Dublin in 2011, he changed his name to British and Irish Modern Music Institute.

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