Afghan music school under attack


In signs of the coming times in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, militia members attacked journalists there and destroyed the instruments of the Afghanistan National Music Institute.

“The Taliban entered the National Institute of Music of Afghanistan and destroyed all the instruments there,” said an expert who monitors the development.

The first music institute was an important story of the cultural and artistic rejuvenation of once democratic Afghanistan. The institute’s student groups, including the all-female Zohra Orchestra, have performed around the world, from Carnegie Hall in New York to the World Economic Forum in Davos. Many of these young musicians came from poor communities, but the Taliban banned all of these arts under the administration of Sharia.

In another incident on Wednesday, Ghorban Mohammad “Andarabi” of the Afghan National Defense Forces was evicted from his home by the Taliban and shot dead in front of his children in Khenjan district. He was liquidated despite the Taliban amnesty, indicating that there is no change in the brutality of the UN sanctioned dress nor any respect for his own words of commitment.

While the Taliban ensured freedom of expression under their rule, members of the group tortured at least two Al-Itteha Rooz reporters after their arrest.

The outfit had in the past urged that there would be no retaliation against those working for US or NATO forces or their supporters. However, action on the ground has denied Taliban engagement, Afghan observers added.

The manner and content of orders issued by interim government ministers in Kabul suggest that they are largely unable to run an administration even though they may be good at guerrilla warfare, they added.

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