January 15, 2019

2019 Funding Loans: B & B loans and contributions, agriculture and unemployed youth

The non -repayable loans available in 2019 allow those who can not access a classic bank loan , to be able to still be funded in view of a personal project or a newly opened activity, or for restructuring or modernization of one’s own business. This type of loan is provided either by state bodies or by European institutions to support all types of workers and non- employees . The positive thing about the 2019 non-repayable loans is that in the end there is no obligation to return . the amount and the procedures for requesting funding varies according to the type and category to which the applicant belongs. Specifically, in the next paragraphs we will see how to obtain 2019 non-repayable loans for B & B , 2019 non-repayable loans for the agricultural sector and finally for 2019 non-repayable loans for unemployed young people .

Loans and contributions to Fondo Perduto 2019

Undertaking a B & B or landlord business is a rather difficult challenge, not so much for the great competition in this sector, so much so when the investment budget to which you must meet. For this reason, many ask for loans or contributions for the opening or renovation of a B & B. It is important to make the difference between B & B and landlords. In the case of Bed and Breakfast we are talking about a private activity, without the opening of a VAT number . Usually for access to finance unsecured Fund, one of the necessary requirements is meant to open a new business. It goes without saying that it is very difficult to obtain funding for B & B, unless you choose to open a business. To open a business it is necessary to register with the Business Register , pay the registration taxes, have a VAT number, pay government license fees and all this implies a lot more bureaucracy. On the contrary, it is much easier to obtain a loan for the opening of a landlord business . The latter is in fact considered as a real entrepreneurial activity with all the pros and cons that result from it. It is true that an entrepreneurial activity must undergo more obligations, but it is also true that finding funding is much simpler.

The regional and nti periodically open the calls for the realization of activity of landlord or for the restructuring of buildings for this purpose. Usually the areas concerned are mostly tourist or affected by natural disasters . For example, some Italian regions such as Sicily , Lombardy or Tuscany periodically open calls to facilitate anyone who intends to open a business of landlords on site. Usually these calls are funded either from the region itself or from the European Union . The requisites required to access this type of calls are: be regularly registered as a landlord and be unemployed . You will have to draw up documents such as the business plan in which the description of the project you want to create will be displayed, and you must provide all the certificates that can certify the construction and implementation of the project. These notices will find them on the sites of your region of origin, in particular in the section dedicated to the development of tourism activities .

There is also a national call for tenders regarding hospitality activities. Through this it is possible to obtain a loan of up to a maximum of 50000 euros to spend in: plants, furnishings, equipment and partly also in small local renovations. The repayment of the loan starts from the sixth month after the opening of the activity and the duration of the loan can be extended up to a maximum of 7 years . The interest rate is null and the applicant, as well as the business owner, will not have to sign any guarantee on the properties of which he is the owner.

2019 Funding Loans for the agriculture sector

 2019 Funding Loans for the agriculture sector

There are so many non-repayable loans for the agriculture sector 2019. For example, until 30 May 2019 micro and small enterprises operating in the agricultural sector can apply to Agricolture Financing , a non-repayable loan up to a maximum of 40% and 50% (in the case of young farmers) on the purchase of machinery for their business. The minimum contribution of the loan is 1000 euros, while the maximum grant payable is 60000 euros . On the italiacontributi.it site there are various financing measures aimed at farmers. For example, a call for tenders from the Veneto region is currently active and a non-repayable loan can be applied until March 28, 2019 . Money is financed to facilitate   the processing and marketing of Veneto agricultural products. The beneficiaries are both companies that market agricultural products, and companies that deal with the processing of agricultural products. The maximum amount of funding in this case is € 1,000,000.00 and the contributions are: 40% for micro-enterprises located in mountain areas, 30% for SMEs, 20% for intermediate companies and 10 % for large companies. The minimum amount can not be below 200 thousand euros , and 50 thousand euros for investments made by micro and small businesses located in mountain areas.

Also on the site of italiacontributi.it, we read of a prize designed in Friuli Venezia Giulia for young farmers, and to promote the inclusion of young people in this business sector. There are specific requirements to have access to this call for applications: the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and a maximum age of no more than 41 years. It must already be a farmer who lives on this job, or access funding with the clause to engage in this within a maximum of 18 months from the start of the loan. He must possess the IAP qualification , or alternatively undertake to achieve it by the end of the business plan. In addition, the applicant must possess the professional skills to be able to perform the task of farmer , otherwise he must commit to acquire them within 30 days   from the awarding of the prize. A further 50% non- repayable contribution is active on minimum investments of 3 million, intended for the development of agro-industrial enterprises . This call for proposals is active throughout the national territory and all the companies in the sector, both Italian and foreign, benefit from it. The benefits are granted in the form of financing within the limits of 75% of the eligible expenses, as an interest subsidy, as a contribution on plant account and a direct contribution to expenditure. The minimum investment of the promoter for the processing of agricultural products amounts to 3 million . The minimum investment of the member companies amounts to 1.5 million and the minimum investment of the entire project amounts to 7.5 million for the agri-food sector.

The Campania region has prepared a tender for the transformation, marketing and development of agricultural products in agro-industrial companies. This loan expires on January 31, 2019 . All agro-industrial companies can apply, using up to 50% of the total investment cost. For medium-sized companies, the support rates will instead be 35% , while for micro and small businesses the support rates will be 45% . The maximum eligible investment amounts to 4 million euros for corporations. For partnerships, the maximum eligible investment is 2 million euros , and the same applies to new construction companies and individual companies.

Loans for lost funds for unemployed young people 2019

 Loans for lost funds for unemployed young people 2019

Even with regard to unemployed young people , institutions, regions and even Europe, they prepare non-repayable loans, useful for incorporating them into the world of work.

From 20 September 2018, while stocks last, there is a call for tenders for the Tuscany region, aimed at new youth and women businesses. This initiative aims to encourage young people to open a new business. The financing will be at most 70% of the entire investment, or a sum not exceeding 24,500 euros. The duration of the loan is 7 years and even this case is at zero rate. Another initiative aimed at unemployed young job seekers is ‘ rest in the south ‘. The regions of Campania, Sicily, Calabria, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Puglia, Molise and Basilicata have set up facilities for young unemployed people, provided they remain working or open a business in the region they belong to. These regional facilities will cover 65% of the costs with a bank loan guaranteed by the SME Guarantee Fund, 100% of total expenses and 35% will be non- repayable . Invitalia has thought of this initiative to give a chance to the many young people of the South who often leave home very early to work, or who are still unemployed at 30. The initiative is under 35 years for residents of the regions listed above. If the applicant is not a resident he / she must commit himself / herself to transfer his / her residence within 60/120 days from the communication of admission to the facility. The only sectors excluded from the initiative are commercial activities and professional activities. The loan includes up to a maximum of 50 thousand euros for each applicant. The remaining 65% which will not be repayable, will have to be reimbursed in 8 years , with 2 years of pre-amortization. Applications must be submitted exclusively online on the Invitalia website and are evaluated in order of arrival . Umbria has also launched incentives for hiring young unemployed people. The subjects to whom the funding is addressed are the young people identified in the “2016-2017 Youth Package Work Program” notice.